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Welcome to Galma Lisho Art School Foundation

        Tibet has a rich cultural heritage of traditional fine arts and music. Unfortunately, the effects of modernization and economic globalization are threatening Tibet’s traditional arts and culture with extinction.
       The GLAS Foundation has been established to preserve and promote this cultural heritage. Our generous sponsors enable impoverished Tibetans the opportunity to become students, live in dormitories and to receive top quality training for three years. GLAS is working to become self-sustaining by marketing their crafts locally and abroad. Graduates will be ready to work independently, ensuring a better future for themselves, their families and communities. 
     The revenue from these handicrafts enhances the local economy and the school's mission of increasing the viability of the Tibetan culture. 


     Each of the three unique courses of study are structured on a 3-year curriculum.  The students will gradually gain the skills to produce salable art and handicrafts under the close supervision of their instructors.  Students will be accomplished apprentice craftsmen at the completion of the program, or they will be fully ready to work on their own in the craft.  Students will study in one of the following classes: more>>

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