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    Painting-Gyurme Rabgyes is the founder of the school and chief painting instructor. He was trained for many years at the Mindroling Monastery in Tibet. Gyurme has completed hundreds of Thangkas, is an accomplished sculptor, and has trained in art restoration in Italy and the United States. Also is the funder of G.L.A.S...

    Carpentry-Palden, the chief woodworking instructor, is a master craftsman widely recognized for his intricate woodcarving and extraordinary quality of his work.

    Music¨C Konchok Drolma has studied traditional religious music at Mindroling Monastery, and is regarded as a master of Tibet¡¯s two primary musical instruments, the dvanyen and the piwang.
Konchok¡¯s expertise in folk and secular music is a major benefit to the school and the entire region.



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