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Music Classes:

    Students will study all types of traditional Tibetan music which are so deeply a part of Tibetan culture: spring song, autumn song, Rock-song music (Tibetan style), big-song, horse son, Buddha-praise song, building song, wedding songs, agricultural songs, New Years songs, and more. All students will learn how these musical and dance traditions are a part of specific social contexts of ordinary people.

Traditional Guozhuang song of Zhanang

So called ¡°Guozhaung Song¡± means that kind of entertainment hold by crowd of local people celebrate, for the faror of hierarch, in a good day, they would gather around to have a match in singing a song or praising for their noble and propitions scene of their home town, finally, serve the Buddha with these songs.

Tibetan traditional Rock-song song:

So called ¡°Rock-song song¡± means that you will be singing slowly in the front of all the songs and after face to face sing each other, and with the rhythm take off happy dance.

Lardge song:

So Called ¡°Lardge sing¡± means that During of welcome Living-Buddha or Living-Buddha Seat bed, or some young is married, in the course of pray deities to give local people to bring propitious program, man drape over armature and grasp weapons in his hand, woman dress festive clothing, to bear sutra around the mountain people sings a kind of song.

During of bride get married, two men go to escort and two men go to welcome, they are called by ¡°Ziangqian¡±, two bridesmaid will sing a song, and welcome bride¡¯s two ¡°Ziangqian¡± says and sings hometown songs. on that time, and follow two bridesmaid will sing the second welcome honored guest¡¯s alcohol songs. When bride down the horse, two ¡°Xiangqian¡± says and sings ¡°down horse¡± songs, at the same time that two bridesmaid will sing the third welcome honored guest¡¯s alcohol songs, and two ¡°Xiangqian¡± says and sings some history of epigraph history, ladder history, family history, house history, prayer-flay history and so on.

¡°Bai¡± and solo:

It¡¯s a kind of sing art form, people will sing it when they supplicate gods to bless them, or people praise life and pray the local gods to bless and protect them when they walk around mountains in ¡°Wangguo¡± Day.

Song of building:

When local people are building the house, in order to lessen tired and increase laboring-rhythm, hence they will sing a kind of songs.

Alcohol song:

It¡¯s a kind of song, people sing during the seasonal festival to convey one¡¯s heartfelt usord and love.

Peasant Song:

Spring is the very hope for peasant life in every one year, that¡¯s why every spring plowing periods, peasants with their song praying for a bumper crop, in this warm blossoming spring and all nature in a state of new life, playing flute and letting the melody flought (go) info the air, because everything feel in happiness and joy. Just, because of long spring daytime, people¡¯s working hour is also very long and hard too, for what reason, entertaining songs can relieve (forget) their hardship and lengthy working period.

Song of Fanfaron:

It¡¯s a song for gaffing good harvest from the field by peasants hardworking, without being hail stormed or any other natural disasters.

Ending Autumn harvest and thresh grain Song:

It¡¯s a song, sing for cuffing the wheat and thresh crops during the Autumn harvest period, as well as a song for ending thresh crops and longing for a heap of harvest as high as mountains.

Nomadic Song:

It¡¯s a song when they herding the animals for grazing passing time and also letting the domestic animals in joy with different words, composed a type of song.

Songs of satirize:

A Kind of songs which people sing when they are working in group such as wooden work, painting, twisting wool and building house with stone. The songs are sung as a match between male and female or between people from different place.

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