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Carpentry Class:

Students first learn to make Tibetan traditional cook cabinet, amulets, beds, and other types of furniture, as well as buildings' pillars, gates and windows.  Subsequently they study making wood relief carvings, including rreligious musical instruments, thrones, and high tables, as well as traditional architecture. Finally, they study wood carving in detail.

Firstly, It learns to make some Tibetan traditional cook cabinet\ amulet\ Tibetan bed etc, or furniture and building¡¯s post, gate and windows, and later students win go on study way to make relief. Religious musical instrument, throne and high table, to study some Tibetan traditional tope¡¯s building way and mapping Tibetan house¡¯s scale etc.

For most of furniture are produced by modern machines, so traditional handicraft industry skills are in danger of disappear, by and by, actually, the quality of furniture produced in modern factory is not as good as that produced by handicraft industry. One reason is that the modern furniture produced in factory is used to fulfill a lot of nails on it. It is not so firm as we expected

Either of students in our class, have no problem in building a house or producing furniture after two gears of studying, then another gear of wood-carving skills course, totally, three years of studying plan, class of music-learning:

Studying all kinds of traditional music, the music were firmly relative to the Tibetan life, such as, spring song, autumn song, Rock-song music (Tibetan style),big-song, horse son, Buddha-praise song, building song, In the days of celebrations. All members of the class would experience the common people¡¯s life and display traditional folk-songs and dance. In this way, the students would learn to train their capability on the other side, the exaditional custom of display come back more and more.


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